Goa / Maharashtra

Koli Drape

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This is an adaptable fisherwomen’s drape which is often hitched up for greater mobility in water. It is worn with a second upper drape which may also be tied up if necessary.

  • Sari Length 8 meters / 9 yards
  • Sari Raw Mango
  • Sari Detail Chanderi, Silk and cotton
  • Odhni Length 1.75 meters / 2 yards
  • Odhni Courtesy of Manisha Gera Baswani
  • Blouse Rashmi Varma
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Double knot sari at right waist with inner end in front.
  2. Bring inner end between legs clockwise and hold.
  3. Bring outer end between legs. Continue draping anticlockwise.
  4. Keeping knee, gather at left waist, pulling lower edges out to cascade.
  5. Twist and tuck in at left waist.
  6. Drape and twist remaining sari anticlockwise, forming a waistband, and tuck in at waist.
  7. Bring initial inner end between legs and tuck in at center back waist. Adjust legs accordingly.
  8. Pleat odhni and drape across neck.

*For optimal viewing, enable captions (CC) and HD by adjusting settings at film’s lower right hand corner. For helpful basic techniques, select ‘Draping Basics’ under filter options.