Danda Mundu Drape

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This two-piece drape has become common since the early 20th century as a formal version of the single piece lower drape. It features a short odhni draped over in deference to elders, particularly male. This odhni is woven with a steel weft.

  • Sari Length 4 meters / 4.5 yards
  • Sari Abraham & Thakore
  • Sari Detail Kota Doria, 100% cotton
  • Odhni Length 2.75 meters / 3 yards
  • Odhni Akaaro
  • Blouse Nicobar
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Drape outer end of sari anticlockwise, keeping inner end in front.
  2. Fold over upper edge of inner end into a V and double knot at left waist.
  3. Pleat remaining outer end and tuck in at left waist.
  4. Tuck edge of odhni in at left waist. Bring back to front and drape over left shoulder.

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