Maar Kachha Drape

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This two-piece drape was worn by upper class women as it was more delicate and fragile, requiring expertise and limited movement.

  • Sari Length 1.75 meters / 2 yards
  • Sari Courtesy of Manisha Gera Baswani
  • Sari Detail Kasavu Mundu, 100% cotton
  • Odhni Length 2.25 meters / 2.5 yards
  • Associate Producer Verve
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Drape outer end of sari anticlockwise, keeping inner end in front. Double knot at left waist.
  2. Pleat remaining outer end and tuck in at center front waist.
  3. Allow upper edge of inner end to fall over into a V over pleats.
  4. Make around 3 pleats with odhni.
  5. Holding in front of chest, drape remaining outer portion clockwise and double knot at right bust. Allow pleats to fold over and fan.

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