Warli Drape

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Similar to the No. 55 Kaatakari and No. 56 Thakkar drapes, this is another ingenious way in which the between-the-legs drape can be adapted both for work in the fields or longer as formal wear.

  • Sari Length 8 meters / 9 yards
  • Sari Raw Mango
  • Sari Detail Chanderi, Silk and cotton
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Drape pallu over left shoulder at knee length.
  2. Bring outer end piece once around body clockwise and tie a knot at left waist.
  3. Tuck in outer end piece at right waist.
  4. Make about 2-3 pleats and tuck in at right waist.
  5. Bring lower end piece between legs and tuck in at center back waist.
  6. Pleat outer end piece once and tuck in at left waist.
  7. Bring outer end piece once around body clockwise.
  8. Gather and pull to cascade. Tuck in at right waist.
  9. Bring outer end piece around body. Gather and tuck in at waist.
  10. Continue draping across waist. Gather remaining outer end piece and twist, forming a waistband. Tuck in to secure.
  11. Open pallu and drape over left shoulder. Bring pallu from back to front and tuck in at center back waist.

*For optimal viewing, enable captions (CC) and HD by adjusting settings at film’s lower right hand corner. For helpful basic techniques, select ‘Draping Basics’ under filter options.