Andhra Pradesh

Kaccha Kattu Drape

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This drape is worn by older Vaishnava Brahmin women of the Visakhapatnam coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. It is a slight variation of the No. 6 Gudakattu allowing for greater mobility.

  • Sari Length 7.5 meters / 8 yards
  • Sari 11.11 / eleven eleven
  • Sari Detail Ajrakh and bandhani, 100% silk
  • Blouse Hotel Particulier
  • Associate Producer Verve
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Divide sari in half and double knot at center front waist.
  2. Bring right half between legs and tuck in at center back waist.
  3. Bring right half to front, and drape over left shoulder.
  4. Pleat entire left half and tuck in at center front waist.
  5. Bring lower edge of innermost pleat between legs and tuck in at center back waist.
  6. Remove pallu from shoulder and tuck in at right waist.
  7. Bring remainder of sari clockwise around body and drape pallu over right shoulder.

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