Mudukongula Chira Drape

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This drape is worn by the Padma Sale weaving community of the Telengana district. It requires a rare sari that has two pallus. This sari is from Hermès, who created 10 saris for the Indian market in 2011. Remarkably, one included a double pallu.

  • Sari Length 5.5 meters / 6 yards
  • Sari Hermès
  • Sari Detail 100% silk chiffon
  • Blouse Rashmi Varma
  • Associate Producer Verve
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Double knot sari at right waist with inner end in front.
  2. Bring outer end once anticlockwise, leaving a big loop, and drape both pallus front to back over left shoulder.
  3. Tuck in at left waist and make pleats with remaining outer end. With pleats facing right, tuck in at center front waist.
  4. Drape innermost pallu over left shoulder.
  5. Bring other pallu clockwise. Pleat and tuck in at center front waist. Adjust pallu accordingly.

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