Uttarakhand / Uttar Pradesh

Khasauta Drape

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This is a between-the-legs drape from southwestern Uttar Pradesh, convenient for working in the fields. This sari belonged to Beatrice Wood, an artist and potter whose love of folk culture, the eastern world, theater, arts and the written word resulted in an extraordinary life. She lived until 105 and was known to ‘always wear’ a sari in her later years.

  • Sari Length 7.5 meters / 8 yards
  • Sari Courtesy of The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts
  • Sari Detail Banarasi, 100% silk
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Double knot sari at right waist with inner end in front.
  2. Make about 6 pleats with outer end and tuck in at center front waist.
  3. Drape pallu back to front over right shoulder.
  4. Bring center pleat between legs and tuck in at center back waist. Adjust borders and legs accordingly.
  5. Drape pallu over head and tuck left edge in at back left waist.

*For optimal viewing, enable captions (CC) and HD by adjusting settings at film’s lower right hand corner. For helpful basic techniques, select ‘Draping Basics’ under filter options.