Hindu Kunbi Drape

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Unlike the No. 23 Christian Kunbi, the Hindu Kunbi drapes longer to ankle length. It is often folded up by farm labour while working in the fields.

  • Sari Length 6.5 meters / 7 yards
  • Sari Raw Mango
  • Sari Detail 100% cotton, khadi (handspun and handloom)
  • Blouse Victoria's Secret
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Double knot sari at right waist with inner end in front.
  2. Make about 12 pleats with outer end and tuck in at center front waist.
  3. Bring outer end once around body anticlockwise and tuck in at center front waist.
  4. Drape pallu around chest anticlockwise and bring over right shoulder. Knot with edge of front drape.

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