A digital anthology documenting India’s regional sari drapes through short film. The Sari Series is a non-profit initiative by Border&Fall.




The Sari Series was created with two objectives. The first: to create an accessible and comprehensive cultural documentation of India’s sari drapes through short film. The second: to address a needed perception shift of the garment. The first being a required resource, the second, our point of view.

Both these objectives are conveyed through over 80 how-to drape films, each an average of two minutes and shared online, free of cost. In addition is a series of three independent films, commissioned by different filmmakers. Each speaks to a few (of the many) versions of the sari's past, present and future. These films are available offline, for in-person viewings.

Many have spent a lifetime studying saris and their textiles, few have spent it on the sari drape. We acknowledge those whose dedication has enabled this project to be created, especially Chantal Boulanger who in 1997 published 'Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping' with over 80 drapes. Rta Kapur Chishti published 'Saris: Tradition and Beyond' in 2010, sharing over 108 draping styles. As our Sari Advisor, Rta ji and her team at Taanbaan were essential to realizing this project. This non-profit initiative is the result of many stakeholders including the lead patronage of Good Earth, please learn more about our team and patrons who made this possible.

As we launch this series, in October 2017, we reflect on the two years Border&Fall has spent working on these films - keenly aware that filmmaking happened to be the medium of expression for this idea, and not a pursuit in itself. For more insight on 'why the sari?' please read more about this project's importance. 

We are clear this is not the ‘definitive’ anthology of drape, nor the solution to an ongoing questioning of the sari's relevance and place in society. Rather, it is a part of the sari's larger conversation and ideally makes the sari more accessible to all - as an idea, ideal, drape, textile, inspiration or otherwise.

Thank you for your interest, please do share your stories with us on email, or on social using #TheSariSeries.


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