Adivasi Drape

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This tribal drape from northern Kerala features a one shoulder throw over and can be worn without a blouse.

  • Sari Length 5.5 meters / 6 yards
  • Sari Courtesy of Manisha Gera Baswani
  • Sari Detail Kasavu, 100% cotton
  • Blouse H&M
  • Associate Producer Good Earth
How-to Drape Instructions
  1. Double knot sari at right waist with inner end in front.
  2. Tuck outer end in at left waist.
  3. Gather upper edge of outer end, drape generously and tuck in at left waist.
  4. Drape remaining outer end anticlockwise tightly twice around bust.
  5. Twist sari and tuck in under left arm.
  6. Bring pallu back to front over right shoulder.

*For optimal viewing, enable captions (CC) and HD by adjusting settings at film’s lower right hand corner. For helpful basic techniques, select ‘Draping Basics’ under filter options.